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Amin Tax and Accounting Services has over 15 years of experience as an income tax specialist for Personal or Corporation. Our professional accountant’s deliver accurate, convenient, and realistically.

Amin Tax and Accounting Services, we offer small business services, consultation, tax return preparation, government compliance Financial Statement & Bookkeeping , complete Payroll, Pay Stub & T4 services, and other services important to small businesses.

Free Advice & New Tax Credits

CRA Audit Assistance

Complete Accounting Services

Tax Return
( Personal or Corporation )

Our Professional accountant can help your Personal or Corporation Tax. Our mission is to improve the success of small business and be pioneering resource to business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer accurate, convenient, and reasonably priced preparation of personal or Corporation Tax returns. We also provide Faster Processing, Perfect Returns and Fast Refunds

Mortgage Solutions

As your biggest investment, your home can have a tremendous impact on your future.

That is why choosing the right mortgage is so important. We analyze your needs, capabilities and goals, then help you find the mortgage that offers the best combination of rate, features and flexibility. You get a mortgage that save you money today and helps you build financial security tomorrow. 

Payroll, Pay Stub & T4 Financial Statement & Bookkeeping

Why you deal with the hassle of processing your company’s payroll? Our payroll service can provide a simple and convenient way to pay employees, file taxes, and perform other tasks. Our payroll service also stays up to date on personnel changes, deadlines, and new tax laws. So you can save valuable time and resources and avoid costly mistakes. You can set paychecks up to be issued as often as you need, Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly/Semi-monthly/Annually(Service include Pay Stub & T4). We take care of your GST, PST, Payroll, and other government filings. ​

New Business Registration

Want to be your own Boss? We can help you to open a new business and register your Business. Lot s of people fail in their new businesses. We can help you plan for a successful start to your entrepreneurship journey.

Personal Bank Loan

If you are looking for an unsecured personal loan or small business loan, We can help you get affordable loan. Its really frustrating to search for money in today’s economy. Last Ten Years our clients have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in loan approvals. Call us to get your earliest appointment with our professional staff.

Foreign Company

We represent foreign companies in Canada. We act all of their business related matters in Canada. We represent on behalf of them to all government and other business related organization.

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